COVID-19 Update

Gus Macker and the COVID-19 Update

Macker Players and their Families

March 13, 2020


Dear Macker Players and Families,

We hope that you and your families are doing well and coping with the coronavirus outbreak in our nation.

We have been monitoring the recent events and want to give you an update regarding our plans for the 2020 Spring/Summer Gus Macker Tournament Tour.

Currently, we have not postponed and/or cancelled any events.  Our game plan is to keep watching health trends and community activities in each of our cites, especially those early on our schedule.  Our first two events are Hobbs, New Mexico on April 23-24 and Mt. Pleasant, Michigan @ CMU on May 2-3.  We have been in contact with each local group and will make decisions on these events by April 1.  The initial goal, if the coronavirus is still an active situation, would be to postpone to a later date in the Summer or early Fall.

All teams will receive a refund if we cancel any events due to the coronavirus.  We continue to strive to provide a fun, interactive community basketball festival in each city we visit.  We will remain proactive and serious in handling this national health problem.  Our first responsibility is your health and well being.   Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.  

We hope to see you on the court at one of our events this Summer!  Thanks for your support!


From Under the Hoop!


Scott “Gus” McNeal

Macker Basketball LLC