Triple Threat: The Future Stars of Macker

The journey of Triple Threat begins with Troy Domen and Caleb Foster. Troy and Caleb have known each other since they were in the second grade because their sisters played AAU basketball together. The two boys have been very good friends ever since. Caleb’s parents introduced Gus Macker to Troy in 2014 when they were the Toilet bowl Champions in Olean, New York. Ever since, Troy and Caleb have loved every minute of Gus Macker.


Norwich, New York Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Tom Revoir and Jamey Mullen represent the YMCA of Norwich at the Macker National Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the end of January.  They will be hosting their 25th anniversary of Gus Macker in Norwich’s downtown streets on July 11-12, this Summer.